Mission and Objectives

About Us

The Fairwinds-Poole Creek Community Association was established in February 2013. We’re a group of residents who volunteer our time to build an even better community. We organize neighbourhood events and advocate for residents on issues that are important to them within the community. Please consider joining as a member to support events and activities in our community.

Mission and Objectives

Provide for residents of Fairwinds-Poole Creek, a representative body to be responsive to issues within that community, and to communicate those issues to municipal authorities or any other level of government, as appropriate.

Where appropriate, to organize or contribute to the organization of social, cultural, or celebratory events designed to promote and enhance the sense of community within Fairwinds-Poole Creek.

To the greatest extent possible, the Fairwinds-Poole Creek Community Association shall be representative of the streets within Fairwinds-Poole Creek so that there is no appearance of bias in the interests pursued by the Association.

Our Constitution

Please read our constitution for more information about our association.