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Update on Johnwoods and Fairwinds traffic concerns

On May 4, councillor Shad Qadri and members of the City of Ottawa planning staff held a public meeting to discuss upcoming changes to traffic flows at the west end of our community — namely, the closure of Johnwoods Street between Rosehill Avenue and Maple Grove Road.

Stittsville Central has a detailed recap of the chaotic meeting as well as the apology from the city regarding the communication surrounding the planning process but the upshot of it is that, pending a last minute change to the approved plan for the Fairwinds West subdivision, Johnwoods will be closed to traffic between Rosehill and Maple Grove sometime in 2017, once the road network inside Fairwinds West is complete.

This will mean an increase in traffic along Rosehill between Johnwoods and Huntmar, which is considered a collector road according to city staff. It may also lead to increased traffic in other parts of the community as well.

Councillor Qadri committed during the May 4 meeting to bringing a motion before the planning committee. From his most recent newsletter:

“At the public meeting I committed that I would look into taking the necessary steps to have the conversion reviewed which could involve bringing a motion to Planning Committee to have the plan of subdivision amended.  At the meeting I did state that the success of such a strategy is unlikely given the approval and appeal process.”

Given the impact on traffic in our neighbourhood, and in light of the city’s admitted failure to communicate clearly and deliver on commitments for public consultation prior to the approval of the plan, the Fairwinds Community Association will be contacting Councillor Qadri to have our concerns added to the public record in the hopes of moving his motion forward.

The FCA will be discussing our response during our May 16 meeting (details here). If you’ve got thoughts or concerns, please consider attending the meeting or sending an email to

Board Notes

MAY 16: Fairwinds monthly meeting; special topic “NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH”

Neighbourhood WatchOur next FCA monthly meeting is on Monday, May 16 at 7:30pm in the Community Kitchen at Sobeys (Carp Road).

The theme for this month is “NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH”.

Special guest will be Chad Wagar, a resident on Tempest Avenue where they’ve set up a successful Neighbourhood Watch program.  Chad will talk about how they got it going, and the benefits they’re already seeing in their part of Fairwinds.  If you’ve ever wondered about what Neighbourhood Watch is all about, here’s a great opportunity to ask questions and learn from your neighbours.

For more info email or call 613-299-3776.


Monday, May 16 @ 7:30pm
Stittsville Sobeys Community Kitchen (Carp Road @ Hazeldean Road)
1. Approval of Agenda

2. Approval of Minutes from April meeting

3. Neighbourhood Watch

4. Johnwoods Closure

5. Membership
– Summary of brainstorm ideas

6. Events
– Garage Sale June 4
– Other summer events

7. Advocacy
– Development update
– CTC road closure signage
– Dog waste bin

8. Outreach
– Volunteer
– Community signage

9. Councillor’s Update

10. Other business



The Grounds Cafe is a lot more than just…

Chef John Forget with a fresh batch of bread at The Grounds Cafe in Fairwinds.
Chef John Forget with a fresh batch of bread at The Grounds Cafe in Fairwinds.

I’ve been describing the new The Grounds Cafe to neighbours as a “new coffee shop” in our neighbourhood but that doesn’t really do it justice.  Yes, they do coffee, chai tea lattes, macchiatos and anything else you’d expect from a modern cafe, but they also do great food, especially breakfast and lunch.

The man in the kitchen is Jon Forget, a Red Seal certified chef who’s previously cooked at several prestigious locations in Ottawa including Rideau Hall, 24 Sussex Drive and the Royal Canadian Mint. He’s studied under renowned Ottawa chef John Taylor. The Grounds owners Patrick Caicco and Robert Kinsman were looking for a chef who could create premium food that’s fresh and upbeat — known in the industry as gastropub or casual fine dining.

“I’ve showed there’s a difference between cooks and chefs,” says Forget.  “We offer a higher quality product that might not be expected in cafes.”

His concept for The Grounds is focused on microbatch cooking.  Here’s how he describes it: “We cook for what we need during the day: deli meat, sliced cheese, compound salads, green salads, soups and vinaigrettes made fresh daily. You never have old inventory because you are paying attention to sales and finding an algorithm for how much product you need to prepare each day.”
“You might find an olive tapenade with a locally-grown hot house tomato.  When we offer roasted vegetables we aren’t offering a generic roasted veg; we have leeks, heirloom beets and local produce. The cheeses we use are premium cheeses, premium deli meats. The chicken breast is free range, no hormones. We’re using gastriques, we’re doing tapinades, infused butters, a lot of different things like that. A garlic ailoi – we’ll go the full nine yards with a scratch mayo instead of a bucket mayo. Our soups are interesting.”

“We’re still developing the menu. It takes time.  It’s not just food products, it’s frappucinos, italian sodas. The cold menu is coming out now and we’re developing these products. If the frappucino isn’t up to the standard that people expect from Starbucks, for example, the customer might just return to Starbucks and won’t come back. They have high expectations, they are doing comparisons between The Grounds and Starbucks – that’s a big compliment! I tell Rob and Pat – you have one location, and the image of the brand is an upper class brand, which is exactly what they’re striving for.”

For now Forget is in the kitchen six days a week, usually 7am-4pm. One of the benefits of his microbatch approach is that the menu changes all the time. It’s a busy spot at lunch with lots of workers getting a bite to eat, and I often run into neighbours on the weekend grabbing breakfast.  We’re lucky to have Forget and The Grounds as part of our community, and I encourage everyone to check them out.  It’s much more than just coffee!

The Grounds Cafe is at 5703 Hazeldean Road at Huntmar, near the Food Basics. Web: Facebook:
The Grounds Cafe is at 5703 Hazeldean Road at Huntmar, near the Food Basics.
Web: Facebook:
Parking, Traffic and Transit

Public Meeting May 4: Converting Johnwoods to recreation path

We encourage all residents in Fairwinds and Poole Creek Village to come out to this meeting to get information and ask questions about what’s planned. Also, tell us what you think about the plan: email

From Councillor Shad Qadri:

I would like to invite you all to a Community Information and Comment Session regarding an upcoming proposal. There is a Proposed Conversion of a portion of Johnwoods Street to a Pedestrian Pathway (Rosehill Avenue to Maple Grove Road).


Wednesday May 4, 2016

Open House 6:30 pm, Presentation 7pm

Johnny Leroux Stittsville Community Arena Upper Hall

10 Warner-Colpitts Lane

The City is proposing to convert the segment of Johnwoods Street between Rosehill Avenue and Maple Grove Road (as shown on the plan below) to a pedestrian/cyclist corridor within the road allowance. The proposed design would include removal of the asphalt and the construction of a 3-metre wide recreational pathway. This would take place only after Rosehill Avenue and Santolina Street have been constructed.


Information from this meeting will also be available on my website following the meeting for those who are unable to attend on May 4. For additional information, please contact either myself or Kathy Rygus, Planning and Growth Management Department.


Tel: 613-580-2424, ext. 28318

Fax: 613-560-6006



Update re: hydro pole relocation on Maple Grove

From Councillor Qadri:

Hydro Ottawa will be undertaking a few electrical service improvements in Stittsville this summer. The project involves relocating 34 hydro poles on Maple Grove Road (between Terry Fox Drive and Rosehill Avenue). This project will improve the reliability of the electrical distribution system in the Stittsville area.

Work is scheduled to commence in May and continue until the end of July 2016. Residents may notice an increased construction presence throughout the duration of the project, including excavation activities. In order to minimize noise concerns, Hydro Ottawa will ensure that work is completed weekdays between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Traffic control will also be implemented when required to ensure that roads and driveways remain accessible and safe to residents. Our qualified staff and contractors will conduct this work safely and efficiently, ensuring that any inconvenience is minimal.

Be assured that all residents and businesses in the affected area will receive advanced notice of the project and be provided with a point of contact. Residents will also receive advance notification prior to any planned power interruption affecting their premises.

My office and Hydro Ottawa are committed to delivering safe, reliable electricity service and keeping you informed of upgrades and emergency work taking place in our community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself at or Mike Denomme, System Designer, who has been overseeing this project

Board Notes

Summer events, Huntmar + Maple Grove, more

Quick recap of last night’s Fairwinds meeting:

Summer Event dates:
– Garage Sale: Saturday, June 4
– Community BBQ: Saturday, September 10
– Outdoor movie nights: dates tbd; if we have enough volunteers we’d like to do one in June, July & August
– Gardening seminar/workshop – tbd
– Anyone interested in co-ordinating a “best landscaping” or “best garden” contest?  Let us know:

Cleaning up the Capital:
– Residents are planning a clean-up at Tempest Park on Saturday, April 16 @ 10:30am
– We encourage all residents to get some neighbours together, pick a park, and register on the City web site for a clean-up.
– Let us know about your clean-up event: and we’ll share the details

Traffic news:
– Councillor Qadri says the Huntmar & Maple Grove intersection won’t be painted until at least the first week of May. They need a) warmer temperatures b) street sweeping to occur
– Rosehill won’t be opened all the way until 95% of construction is done for the Poole Creek/Fairwinds West subdivisions; Councillor Qadri has asked that traffic-calming measures be built into the initial design

Next meeting:
– May 16 (note change of date): Monthly meeting, theme: Neighbourhood Watch

Community News

Volunteers wanted to bring Public High School to Stittsville

The group of residents working to bring a public high school to Stittsville is looking for others to help make this dream a reality. Currently, they are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Those with the skills and interest to help with the website, email marketing and social media platforms
  • Communications and outreach
  • General support to develop strategy and organizing/participating in meetings with Board Trustees, Ministry of Education, MPPs and other relevant stakeholders

Last year a public high school for Stittsville was identified as #2 on the Ottawa Carlton District School Board’s Capital Funding Priority list. With continued and sustained effort there is a high likelihood that a public high school for Stittsville could move to the top of the priority list this year.

Your input, creativity and energy can help make a real difference in our community. If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to