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Five things from our June monthly meeting

Five things from last night’s Fairwinds Community Association meeting:
1. Flex stakes will be installed sometime this year on Rosehill between the roundabout and Maple Grove. They’re designed to slow down traffic on that stretch of road. (see below)
2. Maple Grove will be closed east of Huntmar this Saturday, June 18 for pole relocation.
3. We’re planning two movie nights this summer, one in July and one in August. We are looking for event sponsors and volunteers; please contact if you can help.
4. We got an overview of the City’s new “Community Association Liaisons (CAL) Program” from a planner.
5. Councillor Qadri is hosting a Father’s Day pancake breakfast at Village Square Park on Sunday morning (Stittsville Main @ Abbott)
Draft plan for Rosehill traffic calming
Draft plan for Rosehill traffic calming
Board Notes

June 13: Monthly FCA Meeting

Our next Fairwinds Community Association meeting is June 13. Our special guest will be Melissa Jort-Conway, the new Community Association Liaison (CAL) assigned to Fairwinds. She’ll give an overview of the CAL Program and what her role will be in ensuring information flows between the FCA and the city.

Monday, June 13 @ 7:30pm
Stittsville CIBC Boardroom at 5527 Hazeldean Road


  1. Approval of Agenda


  1. Approval of Minutes from April & May meetings


  1. Introduction – Melissa Jort-Conway, City of Ottawa Community Association Liaisons (CAL) Program


  1. Councillor’s Update (Councillor Qadri + Staff)


  1. Membership
    – Open discussion – ideas to action


  1. Events
    – Garage Sale recap
    – Other summer events
  2. Advocacy
    – Development update
    5371 Hazledean site plan – retirement complex;  5705 Hazeldean revised plan of subdivision – Shoppers at Fairwinds
    – Dog waste bin
    – Pedestrian Crossovers (PXO)
  3. Outreach
    – Volunteers
    – Community signage
  1. Other business
    – Vacant board position
    – New business


Next board meeting: Monday, July 11 7:30pm. Location tbd.


New site plan revision for Shoppes at Fairwinds

The City of Ottawa has received a site plan proposal for two new buildings in the Shoppes at Fairwinds shopping area, at 5705 Hazeldean in front of the Food Basics.  We’d like to hear any comments or concerns from residents. You can reach us at  Here is an overview of what’s proposed.


The proposal is to add a retail building just north of the existing Shoppers Drug Mart, and a restaurant / drive-thru on the east end of the site along Hazeldean Road.

The Shoppes at Fairwinds commenced in 2010 and development has been phased through multiple site plan approvals. The surrounding area includes low-profile residential uses to the north, retail uses to the east and office and industrial uses to the south along Iber Road.

The realigned Hazeldean Creek tributary runs along the southeastern portion of the site adjacent to the proposed Building 2. With the subject site being located along Hazeldean Road, design guidelines for Arterial Mainstreets will be applicable.

Building 1 is approximately 1040 square metres in size and is located at the west end of the site along Huntmar Drive and directly north of an existing Shoppers Drug Mart. The current parking lot configuration will be redesigned in relation to the building.

Landscaping will be added and retained around the parking lot for Building 1. Building 2 is approximately 422 square metres in size and is located at the south-east end of the site adjacent to the realigned Hazeldean Creek and future North-South Arterial from the Fernbank community.

The current concept for Building 2 depicts a drive-through lane on the north side of the building and a patio on the south side. Landscaping will be added and retained around the parking lot, drive-through lane and patio.

The parking requirements for the shopping centre have been exceeded and no new parking spaces are required.

You can send comments about the proposal before June 13 to: Jean-Charles Renaud Planner Development Review, Suburban Services 110 Laurier Avenue West, 4th floor Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1 613-580-2424, ext. 27629 Fax No.: 613-580-2576

For more information about the plan:…

Board Notes

We’re looking for a volunteer to join our board…

We’re looking for one more volunteer to join our board of directors!

We meet once a month to discuss community issues, organize events and activities, and work to make Fairwinds an even greater place to live.  Time commitment is approx 2-3 hours per month over the year, and no previous experience is required. Due to a recent vacancy, we have one position open at this time that renews in February 2017.

Please send us a note if you’d like to join:


Community News

Fairwinds Merchants Fundraiser BBQ in support of Red Cross…

On Thursday May 26th at noon Food Basics, Dollar Tree and The Ground Café will be hosting a free BBQ at the Fairwinds mall.

Food Basics will provide the burgs and hot dogs, Dollar Tree will provide Condiments, plates, cutlery and cups and The Grounds will serve coffee.

The BBQ will be for approx. 90 minutes beginning at noon. The food and coffee will be free and folks will be asekd to donate in lieu of paying for the food.

The Grounds Café has already raised over $250 in donations for the Red Cross from our in house donation cup. The merchants that are involved are so excited to hold this event.

Public High School

Renewed push for Stittsville public high school

The folks behind the Stittsville Public High School Now campaign published the following statement and video after the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board put a Stittsville high school at the top of their funding list for this year. This is an issue of major concern for residents of Fairwinds so we thought we’d share it here.

The press release follows the video below:



Friday, May 20, 2016

Finally, it’s happened! The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board has placed the building of a new public high school in Stittsville at the top of their priority funding list – however this does not mean the Ministry of Education will allocate the funds for this essential capital project. This is where we need the media and the public’s help.

The official approval of this capital funding priority list will occur next Tuesday, May 24 at 7:30 pm in the Boardroom at the OCDSB offices (133 Greenbank Rd. Nepean, K2H 6L3). While the need for a new public high school is well-understood locally, the Ministry of Education in Toronto needs to see community support for this issue beyond a business case. We are asking residents with children in the Stittsville community, especially those in elementary grades, to come out and sit in on the meeting to show their support. We want to emphasize that simply being present and visible in front of cameras and media at this meeting is all that is required, and will put pressure on the Ministry of Education through media coverage. Only one representative per household is needed, children are welcome and we are asking participants to wear red as a show of solidarity for this campaign.

Background Information:

The campaign to have a public high school built in Stittsville has been ongoing for almost 20 years. We are a fast-growing community, and the need to have a public school built in our community is essential. Currently students who wish to stay in the public education stream have no choice but to attend 60-year-old South Carleton High School in Richmond. Children are bused up to 20 km away, many are at the bus stop before 7 am, and most with a 45-minute to one hour bus ride each way. Due to the school’s rural location, only limited transportation is available during exams and for extra-curricular activities, meaning parents in Stittsville are largely responsible for transportation outside regular hours (a 40 minute round trip).

Additional resource:

Why a New Public High School for Stittsville is Needed Now

Media/Inquiries please contact:
Jennifer Smith
Stittsville Public High School Now – Campaign Lead
Cell: 613-299-9211


Park, retirement complex and retail/office space proposed for Hazeldean…

5731 Hazeldean Road site plan

Councillor Qadri shared the following info in his weekly newsletter. We invite residents to share their comments and questions with us via


The Planning and Growth Management Department has received a site plan control application for the property municipally known as 5731 Hazeldean Road.

Site Information

The subject site is located northwest of the intersection of Huntmar Drive and Hazeldean Road in the community of Stittsville (see location map here). The site falls within land covered by the Kanata West Concept Plan.

The subject site is approximately 4.6 hectares in size and has 132.6 metres of frontage along Hazeldean Road. The site is currently vacant and well treed throughout with the highest concentration of trees located within northern portion of the site. Poole Creek traverses the northern part of the site, which has been identified as an Urban Natural Area (UNA185 – Poole Creek North).

The surrounding land uses include to the north the Fairwinds community and Tempest Park, and to the east, west and south area vacant lands intended for commercial development.

Application Proposal

The application proposes for a mixed use development consisting of four buildings; two two-storey buildings consisting of commercial uses; a four-storey residential care facility and a five-storey retirement home (see site plan here).

Along the Hazeldean Road frontage are two two-storey commercial buildings with a combined gross floor area (GFA) of 1290m2. It is anticipated that these buildings will have retail uses on the ground floor and offices on the second floor. Located behind the commercial buildings along the eastern property line is a four-storey residential care facility consisting of 256 units and along the western property line is a five-storey retirement home consisting of 185 units. An internal landscaped courtyard is proposed in-between these two buildings.

Vehicular access to the site will be via signalized access off Hazeldean Road. This access is to be shared with the site to the west. A total 454 parking spaces are proposed to accommodate the four buildings, the majority of which will be located within an underground parking garage with the exception of approximately 30 surface parking spaces.

Pedestrian pathways and sidewalks are proposed throughout the site providing connections to the public sidewalk on Hazeldean Road, each of the four buildings and the internal courtyard.

Located at the rear of the site is an area zoned Parks and Open Space Subzone R (O1R) comprising of 1.55 hectares of the total 4.6 hectares. This area includes a portion of Poole Creek and UNA 185 and will be transferred to the City of Ottawa to ensure its protection and preservation. Within the Poole Creek corridor an interconnected nature trail system has been planned. Through the site plan application process the appropriate location of a nature trail within these lands will be determined. The addition of this portion of the trail will provide a missing connection to the adjacent lands, including the Fairwinds community and Tempest Park.


Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP)

The site is located within an Arterial Main Street designation which is considered a Design Priority Area which requires the application to go to the Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP) for review and comment. This item has not formally been added to the UDRP schedule yet however the applicant is targeting the June 2nd meeting. More information on the UDRP can be found at the following link:


A formal circulation providing further details will be provided in the future which will include a time period to provide comments on the proposal development. More information will be available in the coming weeks on my website and on


The City Planner assigned to this file is Mike Schmidt who can be reached via email at or 613.580.2424 x13431.


Parking, Traffic and Transit

Traffic Circle Changes around the City

Shad Qadri shared this info in his weekly newsletter, after a number of residents asked about the new signage (still covered up) that went up recently at the Huntmar roundabout. 

You may have noticed some new signage that has yet to be uncovered appearing at traffic circles such as the one at Huntmar and Rosehill as of late. Here is the explanation.

At the majority of – if not all – roundabouts outside of Ontario, vehicles have to yield to pedestrians at the roundabout crossings. Prior to January 2016, there was no legislation in place in Ontario to allow municipalities to install signage to have vehicles yield to pedestrians. That changed this past January as the Highway Traffic Act was amended to allow municipalities to install unsignalized Pedestrian Crossovers (PXOs). This device will provide priority for pedestrians requiring vehicles to stop and allow them to cross the street at these crosswalks.  As identified in the Council approved Pedestrian Crossover Program (September 2015) the PXO for mid-block crossings as well as at roundabouts will start to be implemented.

Past studies that the City has conducted at roundabouts indicate that between 50 % and 70 % of vehicles yield to pedestrians that are waiting to cross the street.  As some have mentioned in social media conversations, vehicles are today yielding to pedestrians, when legally they don’t need to.

This creates safety issues. Drivers behind a car that is stopping may not expect this to occur which causes them to have to brake suddenly. Once the appropriate signage and pavement markings are installed at the roundabout crossings, it will be clear to all drivers that if a pedestrian is present, they must stop if it is safe to do so.  This should eliminate any uncertainty for drivers behind a vehicle approaching an intersection if they will or will not stop.  Since pedestrian crossings are very short (about 5m) the delay to motorists when pedestrians are present will be minimal (as we see today when vehicles do stop for pedestrians).

Implementation of the PXOs at roundabouts will begin to take place in late June. 

All single lane roundabouts where pedestrians will be present (the majority of them) will have the PXOs applied.  It is necessary to do this for consistency across the city.

I understand that this is a big change in operations at the roundabouts and both my office and the rest of City staff plan on undertaking an extensive education/awareness campaign in advance of the installation of the PXOs at roundabouts and at midblock and intersection locations to ensure that motorists as well as pedestrians have an understanding of what the PXO means, how it operates and what everyone’s responsibilities are.

The City will initiate this communication initiative on the 24th of May and it will continue through the remainder of the Pedestrian Crossover three year pilot project period.

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact my office at