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New Proposed Development across from the Keg

There is a Public Meeting on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the Main Hall of the Goulbourn Recreation Complex to discuss a proposed plan of subdivision on the west side of Huntmar and Hazeldean located here: West Huntmar and Hazeldean Development Location

Proposed development location

The proposal is to develop a 74-unit subdivision containing a mix of single-detached, semi-detached and townhouse dwelling units. To review the Application Summary please see the following links or come out to the City meeting.
Huntmar and Hazeldean. A Map of the plan Hazeldean and Huntmar Draft Plan of Subdivision- D07-16-18-0020

If you are unable to make it to the meeting and would still like to share your concerns, please direct them to:
Laurel McCreight, Development Review Planner
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department
City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Avenue West, 4th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1
Tel.: 613-580-2424, ext. 16587
Fax: 613-580-2576

Stittsville Public High School

Stittsville Public High School Expected to Open in 2021

Where current students are bussed

The Hon. Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson, announced that the Stittsville Public High School is expected to open in 2021.

Stittsville is projected to have over 50,000 residents by 2021 (steadily growing to over 70 thousand residents a decade later), and finally, we’ll be getting our first public high school!  Though the school board has 2 sites set aside for a high school, one in by our community and one on Robert Grant Avenue between Abbott Street East and Fernbank Road based on city approvals, but it will likely be on Robert Grant. Construction is expected to start this in the Fall of 2019 and completed in 2021.

The high school is expected to accommodate about 1,353 students from Grades 7 to 12.   Parents have been lobbying for this since the turn of the century; as their children have either been taking a long bus ride to the nearest public high school or over-crowding Sacred Heart Catholic High School.

Though the High School project hit the top of the Ottawa-Carleton Public School Board’s wish list in May 2016, funding for the project wasn’t announced until 2018, and finally confirmed yesterday.  Goldie Ghamari posted this yesterday for immediate release:

PRESS RELEASE: Status of Stittsville’s Public High School

For more information, contact MPP Goldie Ghamari at 613-416-9639 or
The Ottawa- Carleton District School Board would be in the best position to provide updates throughout the project’s development and construction at 613-721-1820 or


More info about 195 Huntmar

Dear Neighbours,

The City is looking for comments for 195 Huntmar by August 15th.

“Approximately 691 residential units are proposed which consist of 131 detached dwellings, 432 townhouse dwellings and approximately 128 stacked townhouse dwellings. The detached dwellings are located at the center of the site, the townhouse and stacked townhouse blocks are located throughout the site and the low-rise apartment blocks are located abutting the commercial block along Huntmar Drive.”

Here is a summary of the plans:
Copy of Summary/ Copie du résumé for 195 Huntmar Summary
(Just a couple of pages)

You can view more details on the Development app here:  (specific links follow)

Link to Application on DevApps / Lien vers la demande sur 
Deadline date for comments/ Date limite pour les commentaires:  August 15, 2018 / 15 août 2018
Please comment directly to the File Lead through the “Send comments to the file lead” link of DevApps .  However, for questions, concerns and all other information please contact the File Lead at:
Merci d’adresser directement vos commentaires au responsable du dossier, en utilisant le lien prévu à cet effet sur la page DevApps. Pour toute question, préoccupation ou autre demande d’information, veuillez communiquer avec le responsable du dossier, aux coordonnées suivantes :
Name : Louise Sweet-Lindsay
phone: 613-580-2424, ext. 27586
Nom : Kathy Rygus
Tél.: 613-580-2424, poste 28318

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Plans for 195 Huntmar

The following is from the City of Ottawa. Please note that the deadline for comments is July 15th, 2018:

Revised Plan of Subdivision Posted on DevApps – 195 Huntmar Drive

Please be advised that a revised Plan of Subdivision (attached), as well as revised supporting documents,  have been posted on DevApps (link attached) for the Shenkman/Cavanagh Plan of Subdivision application located at 195 Huntmar Drive (File No: D07-16-16-0011). An Addendum to the Planning Rationale has also been posted should you wish to review in detail the revisions made to the plan by the applicant. The revisions to the plan are similar to what was presented at the Public Meeting in January. Those major revisions include:

Addition of an OCDSB secondary school site
Relocation of the District Park to the east side adjacent to the school site.
Re-alignment of Palladium Drive and addition of second round-about
Stormwater management facility relocated from the MTO lands to the northwest corner of the subject lands
Reduction in units from approximately 1170 to 691.

Should you wish to provide further comments on this application, please provide them to the undersigned by July 15, 2018. I also welcome any questions you may have.

Notice of upcoming blasting for Poole Creek Village construction

From Councillor Qadri re: upcoming blasting for construction in Poole Creek Village:
Tartan Homes has advised that their contractor will commence blasting activity in the Poole Creek Phase 3 subdivision next week. The blasting is required for the final servicing phase in the subdivision and is expected to take 6 weeks. Over 70 pre-blast surveys were completed and notice has been provided to all the adjacent homeowners.
The Poole Creek Village development at 5831 Hazeldean Road received draft approval in 2012. The lands are located north of Poole Creek/Hazeldean Road and south of Maple Grove Road. It is located in between the Fairwinds and the Fairwinds West subdivision.
If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact my office and you may contact Wayne Kennedy, Franks Drilling and Blasting at 613-561-6443.

Revised Plan of Subdivision & Public Meeting for 195…

From the City of Ottawa:
Please be advised that a revised Plan of Subdivision and Concept Plan have been posted on DevApps for the Shenkman/Cavanagh proposed development located at 195 Huntmar Drive (File No: D07-16-16-0011). A summary document of the changes made to the plan by the applicant has also been posted.
The Public Meeting for the Subdivision Application will be held at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex (Hall A), 1500 Shea Road on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 starting at 6:30 pm.

There is also a good comparison of the previous plan and the current plan available at


January 10: Public Meeting for proposed development at 195…

(update from Councillor Shad Qadri’s office)

The public meeting scheduled for November 30th as been POSTPONED till Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 with an open house at 6:30 pm with a presentation 7:00 pm at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex (Hall A), located at 1500 Shea Road

195 Huntmar

A public meeting is being held on Thursday, November 30, 2017 with an open house at 6:30 pm with a presentation 7:00 pm at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex (Hall A), located at 1500 Shea Road

The public meeting is regarding a proposed plan of subdivision by Shenkman/Cavanagh for the property at 195 Huntmar Drive, which is located west of Huntmar Drive and south of Highway 417 as shown on the Location Map (File No.: D07-16-16-0011).

The Plan of Subdivision proposes the development of approximately 1120 detached, townhouse, stacked townhouse, and low-rise apartment residential units. The subdivision also includes blocks for commercial development to accommodate a range of small scale retail, restaurant, and service commercial uses and automobile dealerships. A secondary school (OCDSB) and parks, including the Kanata West District Park, are also proposed.

For additional information you can visit my website here.  Please note that in the future a revised Draft Plan of Subdivision will be available on my website and on .

For more information, please contact myself and City Planner Louise Sweet at 613-580-2424 ext. 27586 or

Our letter to to City Hall re: the Johnwoods…

Here’s a letter we sent today to Councillor Qadri and colleagues at City Hall, outlining our concerns around the upcoming closure of Johnwoods Street between Huntmar and Maple Grove:

FCA Letter re: Johnwoods, November 1, 2017 (PDF)

While we understand that the closure of Johnwoods is inevitable, residents still have a number of questions and concerns that must be addressed before the closure.  Thanks to our neighbours who contacted us with feedback over the past couple of weeks.


UPDATE: Councillor provided this response on Wednesday afternoon: “I would like to thank you and the Fairwinds Community Association for providing your detailed comments and questions regarding this project.  The City will be considering all comments and I will be sharing the responses to the questions/comments raised through my eNewsletter in the coming weeks.”



UPDATE: Councillor Qadri published responses to some of our questions today on his web site:

There have been requests for a delay to the closure and at this time there are no plans to delay the closure of the road.  It is anticipated that this entire project will be completed by the end of June 2018.

Linear Park Design Comments:

  • Some residents have requested an extension to the comment deadline for the design details of the park.  The deadline for design comments has been extended until November 30th, 2017.
  • Following the deadline of November 30th, comments will be consolidated and reviewed. Responses and any revisions will be posted in my eNewsletter.

Road Inquires:

  • Residents have raised concerns with some of the road conditions in the area.  Santolina and the portion of Rosehill within the Fairwinds West subdivision is complete with top lift of asphalt. Top lift on the remaining portion of Rosehill is estimated for summer 2018 due to continuous work on the Poole Creek subdivision.  The barricade on Rosehill will be open without the top lift being completed. A request has been placed with Tartan to help fix some of the potholes near Rosehill and Warmstone to provide a better driving condition.
  • There have been inquiries regarding the classifications of roads in this area and on the map it notes that Maple Grove Road is a Major Collector Road and that the southern portion of Johnwoods and Rosehill are classified as Collector Roads. A reminder that an extensive list of all road classifications in Stittsville is available on the “Ward Maps” section of my website under the “Community” header or by clicking here.
  • Rosehill and Santolina were designed to accommodate transit service and this was also noted in the purchase and sales agreements of the homes on these streets.

Road Classification

Rosehill Traffic Calming:

  • Rosehill Drive will have traffic calming measures installed on the street. Please see the map available here, showing the location of the permanent and temporary traffic calming measures planned for the street.
  • The long term permanent plan is to have traffic calming chicanes installed on the street. These will be installed once the entire street receives the top lift of asphalt in 2018.  The final design for these is in the process of being completed and will be shared with the community once complete.
  • In the interim, by November 8th there will be flex stakes placed in 5 locations on Rosehill Drive. These will remain in place until the snow falls this season and if necessary will be re-installed in the Spring 2018 before the chicanes are installed.

Traffic Counts for Johnwoods

  • Transportation staff are reviewing the traffic data submitted by the community.  This data is being compared to the City’s existing data as well as data which I contracted to have done on the street. The City’s Transportation Department has also recently taken a traffic count during Ottawa Senators home games and this data is currently being processed.


Closure Notice Signage


Update to Mapping Programs

  • The City’s mapping program will be updated and the City has also been in contact with mapping agencies such as Google Maps.


Johnwoods closure + Rosehill opening coming this fall

Here’s an update from Councillor Shad Qadri about the status of the closure of Johnwoods / opening of Rosehill. Although his note doesn’t specify a date, we’ve heard mid- to late-November as a likely timeline. The plan is to turn the north end of Johnwoods (from Rosehill to Maple Grove) into a linear park with a recreation path. The concrete barriers on Rosehill would be removed, creating a continuous route from Johnwoods to the traffic circle at Huntmar.

We believe these changes will lead to a significant increase in traffic in our community, particularly along Rosehill between Johnwoods and Huntmar.  Our association has already voiced this concern to Councillor Qadri and city staff, and we’ve asked that appropriate traffic calming measures be put in place on Rosehill to lower the safety risk to our residents. It’s not yet clear if that will happen.

If have any comments, please email Councillor Qadri at and/or the Fairwinds Community Association at 


As was noted to the community in the past, it is still the intention for this closure to be done this Fall. Working with my office, the planning department is preparing a communications package that will be mailed to all residents in the immediate area with further information on the project.  The communications package will include pertinent dates and timelines regarding the project, the landscape plan for the area and a Frequently Asked Questions document. This information will be mailed out in the coming weeks to residents in the following areas: Bryanston Gate, Fairwinds West, Rosehill Drive, Johnwoods Street, Hartin Street and Joseph Circle.

Prior to the closure, there will be signs placed in advance in a number of locations near this street and notice will be provided in my electronic Newsletter and in my column in the Stittsville News as well. In addition, I can advise that Rosehill Drive will be opened with traffic calming measures between Johnwoods to Huntmar before Johnwoods is closed.

This is all the information that I have to share at this time. More information will be provided in the coming weeks to the community.

For background information on this item I encourage residents to please review the previous information shared with the community available on my website here –

Maple Grove to be closed July 10-21

via Councillor Shad Qadri:

I would like to advise residents that from July 10-21st, Maple Grove Road will be closed from Silver Seven to Huntmar due to continuing Forcemain and Pump Station work.

During this time, I encourage residents to plan their routes in advance and use the image below as reference for recommended detour.