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Fairwinds Poole-Creek Community Garage Sale

You might have already heard, are great garage sale is happening this Saturday, June 2nd.  We have over 25 streets participating and lots of treasures. Come check it out starting at 8am.

Streets to visit this SATURDAY for our community garage sale:

 FAIRWINDS EAST (Rosehill and east of Poole Creek)
Brigatine, Coriolis, Gallantry, Harmattan, Helm, Kohilo, Rosehill, Shawondasee, Sonesta, Tempest, Tramontana, Vendevale

 FAIRWINDS NORTH (Maple Grove & northward)
Aquilo, Cayman, Maple Grove, Maloja, Montserrat, Pampero, Par-La-Ville

Escallonia, Eucalyptus, Palmeto, Santolina, Shackleford, Warmstone

Post here, if you are participating and would like to advertise your sale,  or simply visit our Facebook Page to get a sneak preview of some of the sales.


See you Saturday!

Fairwinds-Poole Creek Community Association

Fairwinds Community Garage Sale


IT’S TIME TO DECLUTTER!!! Our yearly community garage sale will be on SATURDAY JUNE 3. Please email info@fairwindscommunity.com with your street name below if you would like to participate. And we would really love any volunteers in promoting this event (official poster to be released at a later date)

So far, some of the participating streets are:

Palmeto Court
Harmattan Avenue
Limnos Lane
Michael Williams
Brisote Lane
Burnaby Drive
Brigatine Ave
Escallonia Court
Messor Cres
Maestro Avenue
Par-La-Ville Circle
Grenadine Street
Mistral Way
Rosehill Ave

Thank you!